Pet Pong Be Gone Sprinkle & Vac Pouch

Pet Pong Be Gone Sprinkle & Vac Pouch

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Our Sprinkle & Vac is safe to use around pets. There are always exceptions with allergies, as in humans. We do strongly recommend you keep both small children & pets out of the room whilst in use & exercise caution. Never sprinkle onto carpets or furniture with pets and children in the same room and always hoover thoroughly so no powder remains in the carpet before allowing pets and children on it. If any signs of allergies arise, discontinue use immediately & seek medical or veterinary advice. Our fresheners contain synthetic fragrance oils to add freshness and a pleasant scent to your home. All ingredients including allergens are listed on the CLP labelling.

Our carpet freshener’s are sold in 500g recyclable pouches with a wooden scoop and are perfect for any room, a little sprinkle goes a long way in leaving your house deodorised and smelling fresh. It also removes lingering odours from your rugs and mattresses caused by tobacco, pets and cooking and you can pop some in your mop bucket for hard floors too!

Always test in a hidden spot before using. Clean out your hoover and hoover filter regularly to prevent build up and clogging. We can not be held accountable for any damage that may occurred to carpets, rugs, furniture/flooring or your hoover.

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