We have listed some frequently asked questions here. If you cant find what you’re looking for, please contact us at info@lylabelle.co.uk or use the contact form under Contact Us.

My Wick Won't Light

This is usually due to not trimming the wick to 5mm before each burn. Wood wicks work slightly differently to a traditional cotton wick. A wood wick needs to pull up the wax through the wick in order to burn. If the wick is too long or has too much previously burned, charred wood it may not be able to pull enough wax through it to remain alight. Simply trim your wick to 5mm and relight.

If you find the melted wax is flooding the wick from the previous attempt to light, simply dip a tissue or kitchen roll onto the wax pool and remove some of the melted wax from around the wick so the wick has more room to breathe.

My Candle is Tunnelling

Tunnelling is when a ring of wax is left behind around the edges of the vessel. If you burn the candle correctly for a minimum of 2 hours for each burn, particularly the first burn, it should not tunnel.

Wax actually has a ‘memory’ so if you don’t melt the candle all the way to the edges, it may struggle to melt to the edges the next time you light it. If just a little is left around the edge, this will melt on subsequent burns as the candles burns down the vessel. Too much wax left by not burning your candle correctly will affect the wick and waste that beautiful wax! This can possibly still be rectified by making sure you leave your candle to melt to the edges of the container on the next burn. This may take a while, but it should catch up.

If you don’t intend to light a candle for very long, we suggest using wax melts as these can be used for any amount of time and give off the same beautiful fragrance.

How Much is Delivery?

Delivery costs are £3.50 for 48 Royal Mail tracked. This service can only be tracked once delivery has been attempted.

We offer FREE DELIVERY if you spend over £35.00 or if you purchase a VIP Subscription.

When Will My Order Be Sent?

We despatch all orders within 4 business days, although it is often sooner than this.

If you require any items urgently, please contact us prior to ordering.