About Our Wax Melts

Our mess free wax melt segment pots are made from recycled material, making them eco-friendly and much kind to the environment. 

For our soy wax blend, your burner should have above a 40w bulb to be hot enough to dispense the fragrance adequately (many Scentsy burners do not get hot enough). Tea light burners burn at a higher temperature, so your fragrance may burn off faster and be stronger. We recommend a burner height of (minimum) 11cm and to use a maximum 4 hour sized tea light. Do not use the 6 or 8 hour large tea lights or add more than one tea light to your burner at a time, as this can cause a potential fire hazard, Your burner may get too hot and crack causing spilt wax to catch alight or result in wax damage to surfaces and carpets. 
You may sometimes notice some frosting on the soy wax, this is a natural occurring trait of soy & vegetable waxes and does not effect the use or fragrance.