Love our products and want to become one of our team of Brand Ambassadors?

Join the Lyla Belle family and become a Brand Ambassador on a self-employed basis.

We are looking to expand our reach and grow all over the UK and that’s where you come in as Brand Ambassadors.

If you’re great on social media and would like to earn money by selling our products to your followers, friends and family, then apply below.

  • By purchasing from us at a 30% discount you can make a profit on each product that you sell.
  • Plus you’ll receive extra bonus goods for reaching sales milestones!
  • Easily achievable minimum monthly sales targets and the opportunity to work from home on a self employed basis, running your very own business!
  • No outlay, apart from your time to set up your pages and get networking!


As representatives of our brand we expect you to offer an excellent level of service to your customers.

In return we will:

  • offer you a generous 30% discount
  • train you on all products
  • help you set up your own facebook group
  • give you access to a group and messenger group dedicated to all Lyla Belles,
  • introduce you to a community of like minded people who are all running their own businesses too which offers you fantastic support and friendship
  • provide you with excellent service and fantastic products to you as your supplier.

Further information is in the terms and conditions, which can be read here. To apply for a brand ambassador account please fill in the form below.

Read our Product Care Guide and the Wooden Wick Candles info pack

Some FAQs

Hello & thank you for your interest in becoming a Brand Ambassador. 

Let me start by introducing myself to you. My name is Lauren, and I am one of the founders of Lyla Belle. Myself and my partner, Jamie, started the home fragrance company in September, 2020 after losing our jobs due to the Covid pandemic. We are a small family business, originally making everything from our family kitchen, until we had no more room left at home. I think we only had a small slither of space in the bedrooms! We moved into our first unit in April, 2021 and look to continue to grow the brand further through various ways; online on our website, wholesale via shops, garden centres etc and through our Brand Ambassador Program. That is where you come in! We already have a growing team of 16 ambassadors from all across the UK. 

We very much hope to welcome you to the Lyla Belle Brand Ambassador Community! We are quite selective about who we choose to represent our brand, therefore unfortunately, not everyone who applies can become an ambassador for us. This could be for many different reasons or even because we already have someone in your area. We have put together this application process and list of questions to find someone who is willing and able to learn about the products, has the skills required to set up their own group, will give fantastic customer service with great communication skills both verbal and written and willing to promote the products on a daily basis. It is preferable if you are someone who already knows our brand and has purchased or used our products before. If you love our products, it really shows in your group and more importantly, in your sales! 

As a Brand Ambassador you are expected to post frequently/daily in your own Lyla Belle Facebook group, building your community, creating brand confidence and promoting our products to your members. In return, you are able to buy our products at 30% off RRP (recommended retail price) with no minimum order. So, we are simply selling our products to you, for you to sell on to your own growing customer base at a great profit! And all whilst working from home with your phone, laptop or tablet. 

We invest a lot of time into creating this program, therefore,  we do expect certain conditions to be met; one being your new group is to be solely for Lyla Belle products, therefore, if you wish to sell other products alongside, or call your group something other than Lyla Belle, you will not be accepted on or be able to continue in our brand ambassador program. 

Your group must be named Lyla Belle Candle Co. By {insert your name} or something similar and you must use the banner supplied to you. Brand recognition is very important to us and to our growth. 

We recommend taking an hour or so per week to schedule your posts, adding in some additional posts related to the week or what’s happening in your life or the world, in between. This means you are not tied to creating content all week when you may otherwise be busy and can then simply reply and interact with your potential customers. Be authentically yourself, as this is what your customers will connect with. Your unique personality should come across in your posts. That is what will make you stand out from the crowd! 

This is not a pyramid scheme or MLM Company! We simply sell to you directly at a reduced cost. You are not employed by Lyla Belle and as a Lyla Belle Brand Ambassador,  you are self employed. This will be your very own business and therefore you are required to register with HMRC. For more information on self employment, please see

We don’t expect you to recruit other people or build your own team. You’re simply purchasing the required products your customer has ordered directly from you, using your 30% discount from your Brand Ambassador account on our website., once activated. 

We recommend you take any payments from your customer prior to ordering from us, leaving you with your fantastic commission amount of 30%. There’s no waiting to be paid and you already know how much you have earned on each order as this will be the ‘discount amount’ from your order on the website.  How you take the payments from your customers is entirely up to you; please do consider any transaction fees that may be involved and try to make it as easy and smooth a transaction as you can. The easier to order, the more customers will order from you. Remember this is your own business and you run it as you wish, with some conditions as laid out in this document.

The Brand Ambassador program is a great way for us to grow our brand and for you to earn some extra money too! We are so proud to be able to offer people the chance to have their own small business. We like to think of it like a ‘business in a box’. We give you everything you need to start and offer you continuous support too. In return you are promoting and showing our brand and products to more people that we likely wouldn’t reach. So, it’s beneficial to both of us! We have spent a lot of time and have invested heavily into creating this program, updating content and making sure you have everything you need to be successful. 

We are always on hand to offer advice and provide you with promotional materials to help you achieve more sales. The Head of Brand Ambassadors, Emma Blakeman, is there to support you setting up your group and introducing you to our other Lyla Belles. As our lead ambassador, she is perfectly positioned to guide you on to becoming as successful as she is, with plenty of tips and advice to establish yourself and gain those sales! 

Emma has taken the time to build up her group and show her customers her own unique, bubbly personality in her posts as well as offer exceptional customer service. She is now receiving orders simply by consistently adding new posts daily and interacting within her group.  The more you put into growing your group and increasing brand confidence, the more successful and easier it becomes to make those all-important sales. It will not happen overnight, but we have found what effort you put into it you will get out of it later on.

Absolutely! As well as an extensive online catalogue with full scent descriptions of our current 75+ fragrances that you are able to send easily via messenger, text or email to your customers; we also supply a business card design for you,  your own thank you stickers, sample pots, branded paper bags & branded ribbon so your orders look attractive and professional; along with tote bags and hoodies too.. Everything you need will either be available on our website to purchase or in files on Google Drive, including hundreds of photos and graphics to use on your group. 

Once you have been approved to join us, this will be shared with you and you can start downloading your Facebook Group banner, business card template and content/photos/graphics for your own group. We recommend printing to be via . We have found them super easy to upload your designs at a very reasonable cost (around 100 business cards - £9.99). We always recommend that you send out a free sample and a product guide with all orders as it does encourage further sales.  These are available on the website under ‘Brand Ambassador Shop’, found at the bottom of the home page. ttps://

You will be asked to set up a customer account on the website if you haven’t got one already.  Your Brand Ambassador shop will be activated to the email address used to set up your account. This means that only you can see the 30% reduced prices when you make your purchases. If you are getting your orders sent to yourself to distribute to your customers,  you simply add your own name and address into both the billing and delivery/shipping addresses and proceed to order as if you were a usual customer. You will find it is very easy to follow. You are able to pay by Debit/Credit Card, PayPal, Clear Pay and Apple Pay.  Remember to make sure you have logged into your account before you purchase. 

If you want us to send the order to your customer directly, simply change the delivery/shipping name & address to your customers name and address and we will send their order directly to them from our warehouse. Please keep the billing name and address as your own. We also include a sample wax melt pot and a product guide on all direct customer orders on your behalf.  It’s really as simple as that! We are a paperless company where possible, so you can be assured that your customers will not receive any paperwork or pricing with their orders. 

We have recently added extra rewards to our website! Therefore, the more you sell, the more points you earn, which means you’ll receive further discounts to use on our website! You can also write product reviews for further points and even get bonus points on your birthday! Please see the rewards area on your Lyla Belle account for more details. 

We have a dedicated Facebook Support Group that you will be added to, as well as a Messenger Group thread too. We recommend you look through the Support group for your question first, as it may have already been answered. All the Lyla Belles share ideas, posts and help each other out where they can. It’s a really lovely community to be a part of!

The minimum amount we expect you to sell per month totals £60.00. This is purely to help avoid people who may only apply to be a Brand Ambassador for themselves, to maybe order a couple of candles or melts each month at a highly discounted rate. If you would like some time off from selling, you’re away on holiday or even struggling to make sales, simply let us know, so your account stays open with us and we can offer you further support, if needed. 

We have found you will usually sell much more than this if you are growing your group and posting daily, as required. If you do not post on your group for a while or you’re not seen to be actively promoting the brand and selling, we would look to remove your Ambassador status. You are not tied into anything with Lyla Belle and can of course stop being an ambassador and return to being a customer at any time.  

As we grow and add more products and fragrances, these will also be listed on the website, added to the online catalogue and all new photos or graphics as well as the updated catalogue will be added to Google Drive for you to download. Please check this regularly. 

We are a new company and our Brand Ambassador program is also fairly new but has evolved over the last few months.. If there is anything you think you may benefit from, we would love to hear any ideas you may have. To have you with us on this journey is amazing. We want it to be the best experience and fun for you!

We do recommend you offer your customers a discount occasionally, more likely on higher priced orders or maybe keep it to your 1st time customers. This will come out from your own 30% commission, or a free gift purchased by yourself or one you have received from any additional discount codes we give you; but, it is a great way to build up your customer base, give incentives and build confidence in the brand! Emma, and the rest of the Belles can give you some top tips here too! Any discounts are of course. at your own discretion. 

You will likely reap the higher rewards on further sales down the line from a happy, returning customer. They will in turn purchase more from you and recommend you to family and friends! Another great way is to offer a small referral discount or free gift to customers who refer you to their friends. For example, you could offer a ‘free wax pot’ on their next order to a current customer who refers lots of new people or adds the most people to your group. People who are friends often have similar interests and likes, so your customers' friends will likely also be your target customers too! Growing your group really is the key to your success.

Of course! Why limit yourself to simply selling online on Facebook? You can set up a page on Instagram too, if you wish, or maybe hold an online event/party/market night and as we come out of lockdown, exclusive house parties we think will be really popular too! We are currently creating order forms and invitations for these. So, watch this space. 

Some of our Lyla Belles have had stalls at local events or you could maybe request a table to set up some products inside a large office foyer etc. There are lots more ways to sell as we come out of lockdown, so feel free to explore all your options. 

We will have plenty of discussions about it in the support group or on the Messenger group too. We very much like to take your ideas on board and help you all we can.

There are 2 delivery options available to you on our website:

Standard delivery - Royal Mail & Hermes -  (dispatched within 1-4 business days) £3.50 under 2kg & £6.00 over 2kg. This will be shown to you at checkout depending on your order weight. 

Click & Collect. For local ambassadors you are able to collect from our warehouse in Littleport.

If you are not able to deliver to your customers personally, then simply add your customer’s delivery/shipping address at the checkout and we will send it directly to them for you. We even add a sample pot, product guide and a thank you sample wax melt. Remember to keep the billing address as your own name and address. If the order placed is not over £35.00, including your 30% discount, you must remember to add the delivery charge on to your customer, or you will be charged the delivery cost. Please note: we can only deliver to one address per order on our website and orders cannot be split between different addresses. If you customer is paying over £35.00, you may ask us for a discount code to redeem the postage costs. 

Ultimately, we are very confident and proud of our products and know your customers will love them too!  All our wood wick candles, melts, diffusers etc are made by hand in small batches. We take great pride in our products, using the best quality sustainable soy wax, fragrance oils and eco wood wicks. We test each product for weeks, sometimes months to ensure their quality, before they make it to our collection. I hope this has been helpful to you. It’s a lot to take in, we know! But, we want you to know all the details and learn about our products before you proceed further. Please see the attached Product Guide for basic training on our products. 

If you are still keen to join us, please complete the questions below and return to us. The answers to these questions can be found in all the information you have read above and in the various links or attachments sent to you. This is to make sure you have understood everything and agree to abide by the conditions and values of being a Brand Ambassador for Lyla Belle. Please print or save this for your records and to refer back to. 

Once we receive this back from you we will process your application and let you know if you have made it to become a fully fledged Lyla Belle or if you have not been successful on this occasion. You are welcome to try again after three months. 

Once confirmed that you have been accepted onto the program, we will get you added to our Facebook Support Group and Messenger thread and get your business card template and group banner graphic added to Google Drive. Once we have everything in place for you at our end, you will receive full details and instructions on how to set up your Facebook group and download Google Drive, if you haven’t already. You will of course have the full one to one support of our Head Ambassador, Emma, if needed; plus the rest of the Lyla Belles in the support group and Messenger too. 

Thank you for your interest, I look forward to hearing from you very soon :)

Warmest Wishes, 
Lauren x

Application to become a Lyla Belle Brand Ambassador