New Rules on Home Fragrance Products - Coming Soon!

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Changes to our Reed Diffusers - Coming in May, 2022

IFRA, or the International Fragrance Association, sets the standards for how much fragrance may be used in a particular application, like soap, bath products, candles & diffusers. The IFRA Standards are a set of rules and regulations for the use of fragrance materials, and a baseline for the industry.
On Jan 10, 2020 IFRA issued its most recent guidance with the 49th amendment. IFRA periodically makes changes to its standards and regulations to reflect new understandings of the different ingredients that make up fragrances. Typically, these changes don’t necessitate much action by fragrance companies and makers of home fragrance and body care products; the 49th amendment to the IFRA Standards, however, does. 
The biggest impact to our industry is in the categories we reference for soaps, bathwater products, lotions, reed diffusers, and candles. These changes do not only impact Lyla Belle, they affect the fragrance industry as a whole, worldwide. 

Reed diffusers were previously categorized as incidental contact under Category 11, just like candles and other home fragrancing products. Under IFRA 49, reed diffusers will fall under Category 10A and will now come with much stricter usage guidelines. Unfortunately, this change means that many fragrances previously approved for use in reed diffusers now have very low allowable usage rates, which basically means, we aren’t allowed to use the right percentage for some oils and they will no longer throw enough scent to work. Sadly, this does affect some of our most popular diffuser fragrances. 

Some of our oil suppliers are working on reformulating their affected oils, so they can be used once again in diffusers. We’ll keep you updated! 

Will this affect candles & wax melts? In short, no. Hurray! 

Candles and other home fragrance products, like wax melts, have moved from Category 11 to Category 12. In most cases, these categories have a maximum allowable usage of 100%, meaning there is not a restriction on the amount of fragrance that may be used; the appropriate amount of fragrance to use depends on the application, such as 6-10% in candles & wax melts. 

We hope this helps shed some light on the changes brought about by the IFRA 49. We know this information can be a little overwhelming, but we would like to reassure you, here at Lyla Belle, we are working hard to be up to date with all new legislation, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. 

Lauren x

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